1. What is the difference between the full version of the magazine and the sample version ?
By completing the sample version on-line form, you can access an electronic sample of the regular content of EuroWire magazine.
There is no obligation to subscribe, you are free to experience the interactive content and customised reader features but you won't be able to read
the full Technical Articles that are published within the full version.

2. How can I advertise my company in the magazine?
Advertising in the magazine is very easy. You can contact us and we will be pleased to answer your questions and help you step-by-step in the
creation of a targeted advertisement to promote your company.
You can also download our Advertising Media Pack giving details of the choice of different advertising formats
Please also visit our MEDIA SERVICES pages outlining our multi-channel strategy for advertising campaigns.

3. Am I eligible for the IP free versions ?
Every college and university teaching related technology in their programme can benefit from our support service
and access the full version of the magazine. Contact us with your IP number and we will welcome you to our readership.

4. What is the deadline for submitting editorial for the magazines?
The deadlines for each issue can be found in the "Editorial Programme" page. Once you have clicked on the editorial feature you wish to submit material
for the editorial closing date appears at the top of the relevant form that you need to complete.

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